Virtual Wings Project:

Dave Carroll's
Lockheed Hudson

Updated for MS Combat Flight Simulator 2

News as of November 28, 2004

I kind of got sick of Hudsons, and had to take a break for a while. Don't get me wrong, this is one of my favorite aircraft, but too much of a good thing isn't neccesarily a good thing! There are more Hudsons to come...

Along this line, I have a Hudson mystery I need help with. I'm trying to identify a Hudson that obstensibly flew in Chinese service during World War II. Follow this link for more info.

All models of the Hudson from here on in will be official releases. They include braking parts, complete VC, and other goodies. I will update the earlier beta releases as time allows.

Currently the Hudson Mk III & IV are available. We will also be producing a Mk I/II, and Mk V/VI version, and current plans are for 4-5 dozen different skins total, so keep an eye out for them.

Check back for progress reports....

Finally figured out the whole "breaking parts" thing, so now, if you are good enough, you can shoot a Hudson to pieces.

This will be released soon, "R-Roger" of 459th Sqdn, RAAF. She served in the Eastern Mediterranean on convoy escort and anti-shipping duties.

Upper surfaces.

Ventral gun position of the Mk III will take the unwary by surprise.

Attacking at mast height.

Preview of the Mk IV. This is a repaint originally for Dave Carroll's FS2002 model, but looks like we'll have a No. 1 Sqdn RAAF machine for CFS2 .

Features include working Fowler flaps.

Detailed Wright Cyclone engines.

Opening crew door and interior detail.

Looking back from the ventral gun emplacement. Looks like a hit!

Still a work in progress, but looking good already.

Feedback appreciated! Drop me a line at: pauls AT (take out the spaces and replace "AT" with "@")