Virtual Wings Project:

Fw-190D series for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2

News as of December 6, 2003

There is a new version of the Fw 190 panel available, version 1.1 is now available in the downloads section. Thanks to Sander De Cocq for this update.

Lest you thought that the Fw 190 project was forgotten, I am preparing a new version 2.0 of the Fw 190 D. I have taken the files into FSDS version 2, and am working on the animations and other goodies now. In the hangar is the Fw 190 D-13, though eventually the whole "Dora" line will be redone to the new standard, with reflective parts, all-new animations and other goodies. At this point, I think the textures will stay the same (or very minor revisions) so all your old skins should still be good, but we'll see how that goes. And who knows, maybe I'll finally give you all a crack at that "Anton" I've been toying with.

Check back for progress reports....

Paul F. Straney
Burlington Green, NY

The Fw-190D-9 fighter, considered by many to be the best German fighter of WW II produced in quantity.

We worked very hard to insure fidelity of detail and scale. Black "12" of JG 6 compared with a picture of the real thing.

I love the lines of this bird!

My first aircraft is in the markings for the JV 44 protection flight.

The Fw-190D's flew top cover for the Me-262 jet fighter. The Me-262 had poor acceleration, and were very vulnerable while taking off and landing.

The red w/white stripes on the belly was used as an identification marking by JV 44.

The Fw-190D-11 had a more powerful engine, and wing-mounted 30MM cannon replaced the twin 13.7mm machine guns of the D-9.

Though more powerful than the D-9, production problems kept the D-11 from going into large-scale production.

The D-13 saw limited service with JG 26.

Still lacking is a heavy overcoat of RLM 81 and 82 on the upper surfaces.

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